"Leveraging the buying power of my friends to support a charity we all cared about led to the compelling concept of 'donating painlessly'"

jared thomas, co-founder of Raizor

how we got HERE

Our story began in 2014 when Jared Thomas, still a university student, decided to get creative to raise money for charity. He approached the owner of a local bar and grill and offered to fill the place on a typically quiet night if the owner agreed to donate 20% of the total bill to charity. The owner loved the idea, Jared arrived with 150 mates and the concept of ‘donating painlessly’ was born.

Jared had leveraged the buying power of his friends to support a charity they cared about and the bar enjoyed much better business that night. It was a win-win; much easier and more rewarding than their usual fundraising efforts.

The success of donating painlessly was so compelling that Jared was able to attract a talented team of individuals to explore how to scale the concept throughout New Zealand. Their goal was to create a tool so charities of any size could leverage their buying power and promote offers to their supporters and raise painless donations.

Today, the Raizor team is working hard to expand throughout Aotearoa and make it easy for Kiwis to support and continue supporting their favourite charities.

leverage friends to support charities

leverage friends to support charities

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creating a donatino tool

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supporting kiwi charities

supporting kiwi charities

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meet our TEAMS

Raizor is a New Zealand owned social enterprise offering Kiwis new ways to support charities. We apply business solutions to community needs, using innovative and sustainable ways to help charities (including schools and churches) to better financially support themselves.

meet our MANAGEMENT team

nick yates photo

nick YATES


“Most companies want to make a difference in their local communities. I believe we can all do more for others – Raizor makes this simple.”

Nick brings considerable company start-up and development experience to Raizor. His multi-industry career experience in property, marketing, utilities and sales has resulted in appointments with a variety of listed companies in New Zealand, Australia and the U.S.

Most recently, he was CEO of Switch Utilities. Under his leadership, he steered the company from start-up to a Deloitte triple Fast 50 high growth New Zealand company which sold to ASX listed Vocus Communications.

Nick holds a Communications and Public Relations degree from Chapman University and has received national and international awards for project and marketing initiatives.

colin thomas photo

colin THOMAS


“I’m inspired by the amazing work by New Zealand charities. Supporting them so they can do more is incredibly rewarding.”

Colin is a co-founder, Director and CFO of Raizor.

Colin spent four years with KPMG New Zealand working in Corporate Finance on transactions with companies including Kiwi Bank, Vector Energy, Housing New Zealand, Evolve Education Group, My Food Bag, Tourism Holdings and ASB.

Colin holds a BBA in Finance from The University of Texas in San Antonio and is a qualified Chartered Financial Analyst.

jared thomas photo

jared THOMAS


“Connecting Raizor members and partners to support New Zealand charities is a real privilege. It’s our mission to make a difference in Kiwi communities.”

It was Jared’s experience of leading the philanthropic efforts of 150 people, creating fundraising events and negotiating with business owners to raise donations that lead to the creation of the Raizor concept and the establishment of the company.

Jared holds a Bachelor of Science in Geosciences, specialising in geophysics with a minor in mathematics from Texas Tech University.

Jared worked as a chemical engineer, diagnosing, testing, designing and implementing chemical treatment plans for 250+ oil and gas wells.

Jared has also worked as geological engineer, analysing data from the subsurface of the Delaware Basin to develop geologic maps and uncover new drilling opportunities.

julie fraser photo

julie FRASER


“Being able to save money at the same time as supporting my favourite charity is such an attractive proposition and a concept that Kiwis can easily embrace.”

Julie has extensive marketing and event management experience having worked with various global telecommunication brands. She is skilled at corporate image management, brand implementation, Adobe creative suite, digital media, social media, website project management and graphic design.

Julie spent 13 years as Marketing Manager for Atlas Gentech, an electronic security and telecommunication distributor, managing their social media, websites and was also involved in the CRM activities.

Julie holds a Diploma in Graphic Design from Media Design School with distinction for innovation.

meet our STRATEGY team

mike thomas photo



Co-founder and Chairman of Raizor New Zealand, Mike has over 30 years’ experience in the US oil and gas industry.

As the owner of MRT Properties Inc. he was involved in buying, selling and facilitating transactions associated with production oil and gas properties in Texas and California. He has been on several boards of non-oil and gas related businesses in both the private and public sector.

Mike holds a BBA and an MBA in business from Texas Tech University and is currently involved in a number of New Zealand business activities ranging from payment facilitation to real estate development.

bill elliot photo



Bill spent 25 years’ as owner and CEO of Jonell Inc, providing filtration products to the oil and gas industry. He is currently the CEO and owner of New Elliot LLC, a thoroughbred horse racing company, and CEO of ERIN-EIRE, an aircraft leasing and world-wide charter company.

Bill holds degrees in Philosophy, Theology, History and Languages from St. Thomas University and a degree in Homiletics and Theology from St. Louis University. He has served on a number of non-profit organisations including Habitat for Humanity and Women and Children’s Safe Shelter.

Bill was commissioned with the Order of St Gregory the Great by Pope Saint John Paul II.

john brabazon photo



John is a non-executive director at ACC, executive director at Clavell Capital and Dairy Farms NZ Limited and a director of several other private companies.

He is a former director of Auckland International Airport Limited and Hilton Haulage Limited and has extensive experience in investment banking.

John holds a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Auckland; he’s a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Directors in NZ; a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia; and is an Associate Chartered Accountant of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.