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Q: How will I know my donations have reached my nominated charity?
We will send you a monthly report to show how much donations you’ve raised over the year and how much you’ve donated to each nominated organisation. Your nominated charity also has the option of sending a Thank You email, indicating the impact of the donations raised. Additionally, Raizor volunteers to an annual, independent audit to ensure everything is transferred exactly where it needs to go. No worries!

Q: What if the charity I support isn’t an option?
Raizor has a growing list of charity partners. If your favourite charity isn’t on the list, you can send a message to our support team ([email protected]) suggesting them as a charity partner. The Raizor Support team will try to contact them and see if they would like to participate on the platform. Note, only organisations with “donee” status approved by the IRD and public schools are eligible for Raizor’s platform.

Q: When are my donations transferred to my nominated charity?
All donations are transferred monthly to the nominated charities once they have been collected on your behalf by Raizor. Under special circumstances, Raizor may make donations in a more urgent and timely manner, responding to time sensitive causes such as natural disaster relief.

Q: Can I change my charity nomination?
Yes. Simply head over to the ‘Charities’ tab and select and nominate your new charity.

Q: Does Raizor earn any money?
Raizor is a for-profit social enterprise. Raizor does invoice its Supplier Partners for a small fee. This will not affect the amount donated by you.

Q: Are my donations eligible for a tax deduction?
We make no representation about your tax liability as a result of your participating in Raizor. However, we are seeking professional advice to develop a formal tax opinion in the near future.

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